Bluehost Black Friday Sale 2020 Up to 60% Off

If you are a blogger, then you must be waiting very eagerly for Bluehost Black Friday 2020 Sale as it gives you the chance to save huge money while buying a hosting package. Every Year, I purchase many different products on this day which can help all long year and I save a reasonable amount which I could have spent if I bought those products before or after Black Friday. But I waited for this special Offer to come.

Similarly, This year, I am going to do the same, as the money saved from these offers can be used in the further development of our blogs. So, it is very important for you to use this special Bluehost Black Friday Sale 2020 for your benefit. Below is the Deal Activation button, which will help you avail Bluehost Black Friday Offer. Once you click on it, the sale coupon will get activated automatically and the discount will be applied when you check out after selecting the right hosting plan.

Bluehost Black Friday Sale 2020 Upto 80% Off

BlueHost – Activate Deal

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Have a Quick View at the Black Friday Deals 2020 from Bluehost

Bluehost Most Popular WordPress Shared Hosting Complete Hosting Package Deals

Which Bluehost Black Friday Offer Should I Select?

As discussed above, Bluehost offers a variety of Hosting Products. So often people are confused about what hosting product they should select.

Therefore, I thought of writing this guide that will help you select the right product during this year’s Bluehost Black Friday Sale.

Bluehost Black Friday Sale 2020 Upto 80% Discount And Coupons

1. Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is the most basic and cheapest form of Hosting. As the name suggests, with the shared hosting plan, you will be sharing the server resources like the RAM, CPU, etc. with several other users.

The biggest advantage of shared hosting is that it is very cheap. Also, most shared hosting companies offer a cPanel or other simple control panels which makes it super easy for you to manage you to install WordPress, SSL, and do a bunch of other tasks.

On the downside, since you share the server resources with several other websites, if any or all of these websites start getting a lot of traffic, your website performance may be affected.

That’s the reason, shared hosting is generally not recommended for E-commerce websites and other critical websites.

At Bluehost, you have the option of choosing from three different shared hosting plans. Let us go through each one of them in brief.

a. Basic Plan

The basic shared hosting plan is the cheapest available plan at Bluehost. This plan is recommended for new bloggers as well as businesses who just want to host one website.

With this plan, you get a free domain name for the first year which is again a good thing for new bloggers. You get up to 50GB of storage which should be sufficient storage for most users. Like all other plans at Bluehost, bandwidth is free with a fair usage policy.

The number of E-mail accounts that you can create is restricted to 5 with a capacity of 100MB for each account. As with all the hosting products at Bluehost, you get an SSL certificate for free.

b. Plus Plan

This Bluehost plan is for bloggers and businesses who want to host more than one website. With this plan, you can host an unlimited number of domains.

Also, this plan does not restrict the amount of storage space and bandwidth. However, a fair usage policy applies to both of them.

Spam expert is also included in this offer. This plan also gives you access to over $200 in marketing offers. However, personally, I feel these offers may not be useful for most of people.

c. Choice Plus Plan

The choice plus plan is their next highest plan. Like the Plus plan, it also offers unlimited domains, storage as well as Bandwidth. However, a fair usage policy still applies to this plan.

The only additional thing that you get with this plan is Free Domain Privacy and the basic plan of  CodeGuard for backing up your website.

d. Go Pro Plan

The Go Pro plan is the highest and the costliest shared hosting plan at Bluehost. As per Bluehost, this plan provides better performance as compared to the other plans include the Choice Plus plan which makes this plan suitable for people looking for better website performance.

In addition, you also get a free dedicated IP with this plan. The free Let’s Encrypt SSL provided with the other plans is replaced by Positive SSL in Go Pro Plan.

2. Cloud Hosting

In Cloud Hosting, your website is not hosted on a single server, rather a cluster of servers. So, if any server in the cluster fails or it needs a reboot, your website will be moved to a new server, thus reducing downtime.

It also allows you to easily scale your server with just one click. So, if you can spend a few extra bucks for better uptime and scalability, Cloud Hosting turns out to be a much better option.

Bluehost offers three different Cloud Hosting plans

a. Starter Plan

The starter plan is their most basic plan which allows you to host a single website. It comes with a 100 GB SSD storage, 2 GB RAM and 2 CPU cores.

As in the case of shared hosting, the Bandwidth is unmetered with a Fair Usage Policy. Other restrictions include up to 100 email accounts and a total of 500 MB of email storage. You also get a free Let’s Encrypt SSL with this plan.

b. Performance Plan

The Performance Plan allows you to host unlimited websites with unlimited SSD storage, email accounts, and email storage. It also offers 4 GB of RAM and 4 CPU cores which is double that available with the starter plan.

In addition, you also one spam expert for free with this plan. This plan is ideal for bloggers are businesses who want to host multiple websites or websites with high traffic.

c. Business Pro Plan

The Business Pro plan is the costliest Cloud Hosting Plan at Bluehost. It offers a total of 6 GB RAM and 6 CPU cores.

With the Business Pro plan, you also get Free Dedicated IP, SSL Certificate, Domain Privacy, and CodeGuard Basic. The number of spam experts is increased to 2 with this plan.

You can check out the pricing of each of the Cloud Hosting plans below. Bluehost is providing a discount of up to 40% on the below pricing during this year’s Bluehost Black Friday Sale.

3. VPS Hosting

In the case of Virtual Private Server or VPS, multiple websites are hosted on a single server. However, unlike shared hosting each account on the server have their own Virtual resources and are virtually separated from other accounts.

This ensures better performance for your websites. VPS hosting is ideal for high traffic websites and also for E-commerce websites.

Bluehost provides three different plans for VPS hosting. The only difference between these plans is the server resources you get, with the higher plans getting you more resources.

The below table shows the pricing and the server resources you get with each plan. With the Bluehost Black Friday offer you can get a 50% discount on these plans.

4. Dedicated Server Hosting

As the name suggests, with a dedicated server, you rent out a complete server. So, there is neither sharing of resources nor hardware with anyone else.

A dedicated server is suitable for very high traffic websites. However, it does come at a very high cost. So unless you are sure that VPS does not provide enough power to handle your website traffic, you should not go with a dedicated server.

Bluehost offers three different dedicated servers. You can find more information on their pricing and server specifications in the image below.

5. WordPress Pro Hosting

The Bluehost WordPress Pro Hosting plan provides Managed WordPress Hosting solutions. It is a Managed wherein all the technicalities related to WordPress including WordPress Optimization, Backups, Caching, etc. is managed by the hosting company.

WordPress Pro Hosting is ideal for bloggers and other businesses that are not from a technical background. Bluehost offers four different plans when it comes to Optimized WordPress Hosting.

As in the case of VPS servers, the only difference between these plans is the number of server resources available with each of them

6. WooCommerce Hosting

As the name suggests, WooCommerce Hosting is useful for people who want to build an online store with WooCommerce. The Managed WooCommerce hosting comes with WooCommerce with Storefront Theme installed on it.

Each of the plans includes a free domain name and a dedicated IP Address. Domain Privacy is also included with each of the plans. As with other Bluehost plans, you also get free SSL with it.

Reasons For Getting Bluehost Black Friday Offer

I am sure if you are on this page, you have your own reasons for choosing Bluehost Black Friday offer. However, if you are not sure, let us check out the Pros of Bluehost Black Friday Deal.

1. Cheapest Hosting Deals

With the Bluehost Black Friday Deal, you can get the already cheap Bluehost hosting at the cheapest possible rates. The discounts are available on shared, cloud, Managed WordPress as well as VPS Hosting.

2. SSD Storage

All the Bluehost Hosting plans come with an SSD storage.  This makes the read and writes operations much faster resulting in faster page load times.

3. WordPress.Org Recommended Hosting

Bluehost is one of the three hosting companies that is officially recommended by WordPress.Org.

4. Free SSL Certificate

Bluehost provides free Let’s Encrypt SSL with all its plans. Some of the higher plans include positive SSL instead of the free Let’s Encrypt SSL.

5. Multiple Hosting Products To Choose

Bluehost provides several hosting products which include Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting as well as Managed WordPress Hosting.

Each of the above consists of several plans. So, you can always find a hosting solution that fulfills your requirements. Add to it, you also have the option to buy domain names as well as backup and security products.

6. Money-Back Guarantee

At Bluehost, you get a 30 days money-back guarantee. So if you’re not happy with Bluehost, you can claim a full refund of the amount you paid to them. So it is basically risk-free to buy hosting from Bluehost.

Final Words

Bluehost does provide some steep discounts during the Bluehost Black Friday Sale. So, if you are looking to buy Bluehost, Black Friday is the right time to do so.

However, if you’d like to stay away from an EIG company like me, you can surely consider the A2 Hosting Black Friday Deal. For more deals, you can check out Black Friday Hosting Deals page.


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