Siteground Black Friday Sale 2020 Up to 75% Discount

SiteGround Black Friday Sale 2020 is going to be Live soon. So don’t wait and grab the hefty 75% discount. SiteGround is one of the top web hosting providers who are very popular in the market for their reliable and affordable hosting services. If you are really serious about buying your hosting plan from them, then the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale is the best time for that. Explore the SiteGround Black Friday Sale 2020  and Grab your new hosting plan.

Siteground Black Friday Sale 2020 Upto 75% Discount And Coupons

Siteground – Activate Deal

Looking for SiteGround Black Friday Sale?

Choosing the perfect hosting is a tough job, especially when you have to take care of a lot of things: the uptime it offers, security, options to customize, and so on.

Furthermore, complicating the process, there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to hosting providers.

But one of these options, SiteGround, has been gaining a lot of attention in the hosting space. They have constantly delivered an amazing performance to their users.

One of the main reasons why this platform became so popular is due to its flexibility. It doesn’t matter whether you have a micro niche website or a massive website with huge traffic volumes; they have different plans to support different needs.

This is just one of the many reasons why you should give SiteGround a try. Here’s an in-depth review of SiteGround!

How to Active SiteGround Black Friday Sale?

1) Click here to get Siteground special offer link, to active SiteGround Black Friday Sale 2020.

2) Choose your plan, GrowBig Plan Is Highly Recommends.

3) Enter your domain and go for the future process. If you don’t have a domain yet? you can register a new domain from Siteground.

4) Enter your billing information. Subsequently, choose the hosting time period and nearest hosting servers from your targeted audience.

5) Enroll or skip the SG tool in your hosting plan.

6) Click on the Pay button, to purchase World’s number 1 web hosting.

Siteground Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Sale 2020

Attention:-(Siteground black friday Sale is Live Currently)​​​​

Siteground Black Friday deals will be active on 24 November, this year.

In the Siteground black friday deals time you will get a discount up to 75%, so BOOKMARK this page Now & don’t miss the deal.

Siteground Black Friday Sale & Cyber Monday Sale only activated this November 2020, so stay tuned till that time.

Once the Siteground black Friday deals started then, you will be getting a 75% discount on every plan of Siteground hosting.

Usually, Siteground provides four types of hosting services to its users.

1)Shared hosting.

2)Managed WordPress hosting.

3)Woo-commerce hosting.

4)Cloud hosting.

So you will get a 75% discount on every hosting plan that you want to purchase.

But I only recommend you to go with Shared hosting, because it’s more money worthy for you.

They are providing three types of hosting plans.

1)Startup(Normal price-11.95$/Black Friday deals-2.95$)

2)Growbig(Normal price-19.95$/Black Friday deals-4.95$)

3)Gogeek. (Normal price-34.95$/Black Friday deals-8.68$)  



Now, I will explain all the plans of SiteGround hosting in detail with you. Remember all the features I am explaining to you will be applicable for SiteGround Black Friday Deals 2020, which is the single best deal you can get ever.

Without wasting any of your precious time, I will jump into the details of SiteGround black Friday deals Plans.

As shown in the above image, SiteGround offers three plans.  They are I. Startup  II. GrowBig III.  GoGeek

I. Startup Plan: In this plan, you will get to host 1 website, 10 GB disk space and suitable for upto10,000 visitors/month.

That means you can only host a single website with this plan.  You will get a disk space(web space) of 10 GB and it can easily handle up to 10,000 visitors/month.

If you are a new customer and want to try its free trial, then you can do it for $3.95/month.

But, if you subscribe for the first time annual package for 12, 24, &36 months, then you will get a discount.

Some additional features you will get are: You will get Mailbox 2 GB and database 500 MB.

The features are limited in this plan, because it is their starting plan, literally the cheapest among all.

It is good for the newbie bloggers and even new startups with the traffic of under 10,000.

Get Startup plan at 75% discount

II. GrowBig Plan: This is their secondary plan.  It is an extension of the primary plan(startup).

This plan comes up with advanced features comparatively.

You can host unlimited websites, NO limitations.

The storage of 20 GB.

The website visitors can be up to 25,000.

The database size of 750 MB.

As in startup, here also you will get a free trial for just $5.95/month.

Also, annual plans will cost only $5.95 for all the months(12, 24, & 36) depending on your subscription.

This is a very good plan for websites which get more visitors than 10,000.

Good for pro bloggers and business websites, which get good traffic monthly.

Get grow-big plan at 75% discount

III. GoGeek Plan: This is their third plan.

It is designed for the blogs of geeks and websites of big businesses.

It contains the most advanced features.

You can host unlimited websites as you can do with GrowBig Plan, NO limitations.

The storage of 30 GB.

The website visitors can be up to 100,000.

The database size of 1 GB.

The price of this plan is $11.95 /month.

On annual plans, you will get some discounts (12, 24, & 36 months) depending on your subscription.

This is a very good plan for the websites, which get more visitors than 25,000.

Good for blogging geeks and big business websites(woo-commerce, eCommerce, etc), which gets 1000s of traffic daily.

That was all about the plans and prices offered by SiteGround.

Get Gogeek plan at a 75% discount

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About Siteground Hosting.

Siteground is one of the top-rated and highest quality Web hosting provider company science 2004.

It is founded by a few university friends & you know now it’s serving more than 2 million domains, it’s really a big number.

Also, it is recognized as a big hosting corporation in the world & they have around 500 employees across the globe & also they have 4 data centers.

  • Chicago.
  • London.
  • Amsterdam.
  • Singapore.

Also, Siteground Hosting is the official WordPress recommended hosting provider.

I think you get enough trust & Information about Siteground.

Now let’s move towards Siteground’s specifications.


SiteGround Features


One of the strong suits of SiteGround is security. It offers you several solutions to secure your website from any external threat. Security may not be a big issue for a new website, but once your website starts growing, you need effective measures against hackers trying to sneak in.

It features an add-on called HackAlert Monitoring, which, as the name suggests, will immediately send a warning to you whenever your website’s security is being compromised by hackers. This add-on will cost you $1 per month and is an effective way to control any damage.

Usually, hosting providers do not provide security mechanisms as such, and even when they do, they end up charging a lot. On that term, SiteGround does a great job.

It also offers you other tools, especially antispam tools like SpamAssassin, Hotlink protection, and IP address blocking. You can also use other WordPress plugins on top of these to make your website secure.

You have to make sure that your server-side is safe from any vulnerabilities. For this, they have made use of Cloudflare, which gives a faster performance as well as enhanced security. You may wonder what Cloudflare is. Cloudflare is a CDN that routes your traffic through its network so that it can be delivered at faster rates.

Many top websites make use of Cloudflare to make their web pages load faster. While you can sign up for Cloudflare’s services, it is always better that it comes in a package deal. Only a few hosting providers like 1&1, Bluehost, and SiteGround offer this integrated hosting.

SiteGround also offers you two other features:‌ LeechProtect and Site Security Check. With the help of LeechProtect, you can protect your website from hackers trying to steal your password. It also gives you another functionality: that of preventing users from posting their passwords (publicly) anywhere on the website.

With Site Security Check, it will check whether the domain name you use is under inspection by Google Safe Browsing. This service by Google makes sure that users are shielded from any damage from spam websites. It also checks for the presence of malware on your website.


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